Work vertical-1 Lab-on-a-chip for PCR and RT-PCR reactions – fully automated for sample insertion to detection (output in Ct no. or copy no.)

Work vertical-2 Capillary electrophoresis microchip detector – is suitable to separate and detect multiple analytes from a mixture, which otherwise won’t be possible without lengthy separation steps – can be combined with optical, amperometry and impedance based detection

Work vertical -3: Handheld glucometer-type analyzers – can be remodelled to detect other analytes of interest in alternate body fluid e.g. saliva, urine, sweat and tears. Also suitable for blood based analysis

Work-4: Aptamer generation through SELEX – Has tremendous potential in Biomedical applications, especially for LFA kit development that uses surface and cytosolic proteinic biomarkers

Students opting to apply for a position in my lab may check these publications/research verticals to align their interests with our lab first.

Research guidance (from our lab so far)

Research Associates

Dr. Sriram Kumar (June 2023- Feb 2024) Total soil analyzer microchip

Dr. Amrita Soni (May 2019 – Jul 2020) Total soil analyzer microchip

Dr. R. Rajaram (10/2018 – 8-2019) Biosensors and microfluidic devices for environmental analysis

Dr. Nandimalla Vishnu (Apr-Aug 2017) Reusable Clinical Amperometric Lactate and Glucose Biosensors based on Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Guided (Ph.D.)

Tanu Bhardwaj (2021)  Aptamer based PDMS/glass microfluidic chip biosensing using electrochemical impedimetry

Amit Kumar Singh (Mar 2020) Design and Development of non-invasive multi-analyzer for clinical application

Appan Roychoudhury (Mar 2019): Biosensors and Capillary electrophoresis microchip devices for analytical applications

Anuradha Soni (2018): Development of Non-invasive Biosensors for clinical analysis

M. Marieswaran (2019) (Co-guided) Viscoelastic behavior of femur – anterior cruciate ligament – tibia complex (FATC) – experimentation and musculo-skeletal modelling

Avinash Kaur (2018) (Co-guided) Nucleic Acid Based Method for the Rapid Diagnosis of Salmonella Typhi and Paratyphi A.

Sunita Rao (2015) Uptake, Translocation and Phytotoxicity of Engineered Nanoparticle v/s Bulk Metals (Copper & Zinc) in Brassica juncea

Guiding (Ph.D.)

July 2023 – Present: Raksha Anand: microfluidic lateral flow assay analyzer

Jan 2018 – Present: Rishi Raj: Development of total soil analyzer prototype device

Jul 2019 – Present: Shweta Panwar: Non invasive biosensors for noncommunicable diseases

Jul 2019 – Present: Komal Sharma: Microfluidic chip for cell sorting

Sep 2020 – Present: Syed D. Kasim: Microfluidic Lab on a chip for Biomedical Applications


Sabia Luthra


Kundan Mishra

Harpreet Singh

Naveen Yadav

Sourav Dutta

Paulami Sarkar

Tarun Singh


Kingshuk Panda (Molecular Biology and Microfabrication)

Kirti (Molecular Biology and assay development)

Ram Aasarey (Biosensing)

Guided (Post graduate dissertation)

2020 Kaabir Ali (co-guided): Fabrication and Integration of Microfluidic Platform for Fluorimetric Analysis

2019 Kevin Antony Francis: On-Chip Detection of Neurochemicals Using Capillary Electrophoresis Amperometric Detector

2019 Jayant Kalra: Lab-on-a-chip Chemical Oxygen Demand sensor

2013 Kajal Kumari: Development of paper strip based glucose biosensor for salivary analysis

2013 Vanshika Singh: Development of paper strip based optical urea biosensor

2013 Monika Saxena: Microbial BOD biosensor based on immobilized biomass consortium

2010 Rohit Chand, Microchip capillary electrophoresis device for amperometric detection of DNA

Summer trainees under CIMEDS activity

2019 Emily Willis Bioengineering B.S. Calhoun Honors College Clemson University

2019 Samantha Kodikara Bioengineering B.S. Calhoun Honors College Clemson University

Guided (undergraduate dissertation)

2016 Arneish Prateek (CHE, SURA scheme) Development of novel electrochemical sensor for the detection and estimation of catecholamine neurotransmitters

2016 Sheetal Kumar Jain (CHE, SURA scheme) Development of novel electrochemical sensor for the detection and estimation of catecholamine neurotransmitters