Dr. Sandeep K. Jha

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, IIT Delhi & AIIMS New Delhi

Dr. Sandeep K. Jha

My areas of interest include Non-invasive clinical biosensors; capillary electrophoresis microchip devices for clinical, environmental and biopharmaceutical applications; microfluidic Lab-on-a-chips for PCR and on-chip cytometry; on-chip COD analysis; biosensors for pathogen detection, on-chip neurochemical analyzer.

Our Centre for Biomedical Engineering (CBME) is a joint venture between Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi and we are now having collaborations with AIIMS New Delhi, Clemson University USA and Queensland Univ. Australia amongst other places.

This website highlights my group’s research areas, publications, teaching and laboratory facilities

We work on Microfluidic chip and biosensors based point-of-care technologies for Biomedical and other applications

Our group primarily work under four verticals:

1) Microfabricated chips with microfluidic setup for complex analysis – e.g. on-chip PCR; on-chip CTC detection; capillary electrophoresis microchips for separation and analysis of chemicals in a mixture, e.g. neurochemicals, pesticides etc.; impedimetric estimation of proteinic biomarkers on chip; droplet microfluidics. These work also involve hardware development wherein our group have expertise in taking these technologies to TRL6+.

2) Paper fluidics – involving low-cost solutions, including LFA technology in a multiplexed setup.

3) Handheld devices, e.g. glucometer with saliva as test medium, in which we have undertaken complete hardware integration with optical components, etc.

4) Assay development, including SELEX based novel aptamer generation.

While our strength lies on both fronts: hardware and assay development, we seek to expand our work on novel biomarkers, which would have definitive future towards commercialization. Besides, we seek to work on nanomaterials which can have selective DNA binding and reporting abilities, e.g. in CRISPR-CAS9 and fluorophore-quencher pair.

News and accomplishments from my Lab

2024 My Ph.D. scholar Ms. Shweta Panwar Won Best Poster Award in the National Conference “Emerging Trends in Implants and Diagnostics”, Organized by NIPER–Ahmedabad, India, 1-2 February 2024.

2023 We founded a startup Gunsutra Pvt. Ltd. with mandate to scale-up, manufacture and bring our technologies to market. It is incubated at FITT IIT Delhi and currently under fundraising cum scale-up operation mode with two direct employees. We have also received Startup India Seed funds from GoI to support the process.

2022 Intel Corp. and DST India supported project under Indo -US (IUSSTF) umbrella where 30 scientists along with their team were involved from India and USA was acknowledged by IUSSTF

See Link to the Video at IIT Delhi’s Linkedin Page or at IUSSTF site (project video#4):

2021: Dr. Sandeep Jha receives DST SERB-STAR Award for outstanding performance of Principal Investigators (PIs) of SERB Projects

2020: Tanu Bhardwaj receives Dogra Educational Endowment Award by IIT Delhi for best scientific publication in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

2020: Tanu Bhardwaj receives Best scholar award in Biomedical Engineering by International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation.

Appan Roychoudhury Received Distinction in Ph.D. thesis for 2019 submission by IIT Delhi

Research/Projects positions open (June 2024)

Open positions till get filled:

4 SRF and 3 RA Positions available in my lab. Candidates can apply directly by email to sandeepkjha [at] gmail.com while highlighting their previous research and research interest aligning with my lab (Biosensor/POCT/Microfluidics etc.).

Vacancies are for either hardware designer (3D prototyping, Arduino, Optomechanics, PCB related setup etc.

Second category is for Molecular biologist and biochemists capable of developing assays for sensor detection

Third category is for photolithography based microfabrication, hands-on microfluidics based sensing.

It’ll be difficult for us to accommodate summer trainee or intern due to scarcity of space and high cost associated with our research. Rather, candidates who are interested to join our group to pursue Ph.D. can apply at IIT Delhi Website through Centre for Biomedical Engineering. Forms are active in March-Apr and Sep-Oct each year.