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Dr. Sandeep K. Jha

Associate Professor

Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

393 Block-II, IIT Delhi, New Delhi India 110016, Phone:+91-11-26591119

Co-ordinator, Clemson University- IIT Delhi Centre for Innovative Medical Devices & Sensors ‘CIMEDS’ & Adjunct Faculty of Bioengineering Clemson University USA

Associated faculty at

       Department of Biomedical Engineering, All India Institute of Medical Science, Delhi

       School of Inter-Disciplinary Research, IIT Delhi

       Nanoscale Research Facility, IIT Delhi

       Centre of Excellence Biopharmaceutical Technology, IIT Delhi

Vacancies at our lab

At present, my lab has 3 vacancies for Ph.D. students and 1 postdoc to work on Microfabricated biosensors and Lab-on-a-chip devices for point-of care and environmental monitoring applications. Students should be highly motivated and should be eager to work hard and must have a mix of Chemistry/Biochemistry/Biotechnology backgrounds with some experience in Microfabrication/biosensor development etc. Interested candidates should search at (for postdoc) or or  (for Ph.D. position) and/or contact me while clearly indicating which of our research areas he/she is interested in.